You’re Next(2011) Review

A good poster for a good movie with a shitty ending.

A good poster for a good movie with a shitty ending.

     You, know I really enjoy a good slasher film every now and then. I adore smart horror movies like Compliance and TheBabadook for challenging the genre, but occasionally I enjoy something that works with the clichés. A horror movie that doesn’t necessarily do anything new, but still creates a solid experience. It’s the same reason I’ll watch almost anything with Jackie Chan. A lot of his Chinese stuff doesn’t do anything new for its genre, but he’s always a good time to watch.
You’re Next starts off as any basic slasher. A couple played by Sharni Vinson and AJ Bowen are on the way to meet Bowen’s character’s family in the idle for the woods for some kind of family reunion type deal-I don’t really remember and it doesn’t really matter-in an old house in the middle of the woods. Perfect place for a bunch of animal masked psychopaths to go all murder happy on the unsuspecting family. And that’s’ the basic gist of the film. You’re Next continues one of the horror tropes of the badass survival girl, and does a pretty damn good job. Sharni Vinson shines as the badass girlfriend, Erin, who is really the only person who seems to hold her own. Everyone else in the film is passable, though the casting for certain characters that have more dialogue than others is questionable. The film had an interesting techno bit in the score that surprisingly fit the scenes it was played over well.
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Compliance(2012) Review

Almost sexual poster giving you no idea what the movie's about. This is not Nymphomaniac part 3.

Almost sexual poster giving you no idea what the movie’s about. This is not Nymphomaniac part 3.

Horror films have become stuck in a specific mindset. The idea that horror must be an exclusive list of certain things. The idea that horror must be violent, or bloody, or disturbing. The industry has become stagnant with unimpressive to downright awful slasher pics and over the top torture porn. That said, I just watched a film that completely challenges those ideas and succeeds greatly.
Some people might argue with me that Compliance isn’t a horror movie. Like I said, it isn’t that violent, and there isn’t a body count. Compliance substitutes those things with the mundane, and creates one of the scariest movies I have seen a long time.
The bare bones synopsis, to avoid spoilers, involves a police call to a fictional fast food restaurant. A woman is apparently at the police station accusing one of the employees, played by Dreama Walker, of stealing from her. Unable to get immediately to the restaurant, the caller tries to speed up the investigation by convincing the manager, played by the terrific Ann Dowd, to do things that may be against her better nature. The situation eventually spreads to more people, and the tension continues to rise.
That’s about all I can tell you about the plot without spoiling too much. Don’t read the description on Netflix if you decide to watch, as it gives away a very cool spoiler.
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