You’re Next(2011) Review

A good poster for a good movie with a shitty ending.

A good poster for a good movie with a shitty ending.

     You, know I really enjoy a good slasher film every now and then. I adore smart horror movies like Compliance and TheBabadook for challenging the genre, but occasionally I enjoy something that works with the clichés. A horror movie that doesn’t necessarily do anything new, but still creates a solid experience. It’s the same reason I’ll watch almost anything with Jackie Chan. A lot of his Chinese stuff doesn’t do anything new for its genre, but he’s always a good time to watch.
You’re Next starts off as any basic slasher. A couple played by Sharni Vinson and AJ Bowen are on the way to meet Bowen’s character’s family in the idle for the woods for some kind of family reunion type deal-I don’t really remember and it doesn’t really matter-in an old house in the middle of the woods. Perfect place for a bunch of animal masked psychopaths to go all murder happy on the unsuspecting family. And that’s’ the basic gist of the film. You’re Next continues one of the horror tropes of the badass survival girl, and does a pretty damn good job. Sharni Vinson shines as the badass girlfriend, Erin, who is really the only person who seems to hold her own. Everyone else in the film is passable, though the casting for certain characters that have more dialogue than others is questionable. The film had an interesting techno bit in the score that surprisingly fit the scenes it was played over well.
The film is pretty solid as far the genre goes. It had good pacing, some nice action, and held my attention throughout the whole thing. Most of the situations were pretty believable, and a decent twist about halfway through the movie help separate it from its peers.
I did honestly really like this movie for the most part, except for the very end. This movie leads to a fairly good climax which it then wastes by ending the movie on a cheap gag that, in itself, could be seen as ripping off certain classic horror film from 1968.
I love good horror, but in this genre the bad outweighs the good like the statue of liberty outweighs a prisoner on a hunger strike. For me there a lot of honestly good movies, that I always leave with a bad taste in my mouth because of the ending. Think back to the ending of movies like The Devil’s Advocate, and you’ll understand. Why is this so common? Andy Serkis’ The Cottage was the same way. It was a very solid slasher pic which for some reason had to end in a “we gotcha,” middle finger to the audience. It makes the screenwriter feel insecure in his own writing. Like he doesn’t trust himself to end the movie well, so he has to substitute a gory gag, because it has become a staple for the genre.
If I had to come up with an analogy for how I felt about this movie it would be this: Imagine you’re on a date with this girl you met the book store. She’s pretty, funny, well read, and has good taste in movies. Everything’s going really well, and at the end of the date she mentions that she believes America should kill all the gays. Boom, whole date ruined. Now you just wasted money on dinner, and the whole experience was ruined. If I knew this is what was going to happen I would have left earlier.
Overall, You’re Next is a pretty solid slasher pic with a cool badass, female protagonist that leaves you with a bad taste in your mouth in the last five minutes. If you don’t like movies like this, you’ll probably hate You’re Next. Though, if you are a big fan of the genre You’re Next is very solid form what it was going for. This movie would be: Best watched it with friends over drinks, and then turn off at the hour and a half mark.


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